Wednesday, November 2, 2011

           Its almost the end of the marking period and a good time to reflect on all of the work I've done so far. Each time I start a project, I continually surprise myself. I couldn't be happier with how both of my apple drawings have turned out. They both have a sense of realism that I really love and try to accomplish on every piece. I knew my self portrait would be a fun experience; I really look forward to seeing how it turns out. Although i'm not finished my sketch book technology drawing yet it will bring an interesting aspect to my final sketchbook. Technology is a great topic because of all of the intricate details that are involved. I look forward to finishing all of my projects and starting new ones for the second marking period.

I've finally embarked on my self portrait journey. I'm super excited to be doing such a large scale project because eventually i'll be able to show it in my portfolio. First I drew myself from a picture onto a larger piece of paper. We will be using tempera batik as the technique for our portraits so I then began to experiment on a smaller scale with different colors. I decided to do my large portrait in blue, after it is painted i will ink it and work back into it with colored pencil. I can't wait to get to school everyday and work on this project. It's so satisfying because when I look at it, it actually looks like me and that feels like a huge accomplishment!