Tuesday, September 20, 2011

                I'm so ecstatic to start our year long book project! I did one last year and it turned out absolutely amazing! We start off by decorating papers, then making our drawings on them and eventually sewing our pages into a book. I'm sure you've noticed my pictures above. These are some of my decorated papers I have been making in class! The picture on the top shows paper decorated with water colors. These are so much fun because you can manipulate them anyway you want. You could drip them drop them brush them and plastic wrap them to get a variety of different papers. On the bottom, is the alcohol drip effect. First I painted paper with purple acrylic paint. The next day I watered down gold painted and quickly dropped alcohol on it to create this awesome circle affect! I can't wait to go to class tomorrow and see how more of my papers turned out. Check back soon!! =)

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