Friday, June 8, 2012


As a second year art student I knew that I could expect great things this year. I knew I would make some things I loved and somethings I didn't love so much. What I didn't know is that this year art would truly become apart of me. I've always loved drawing and creating new things but I took complete advantage of every opportunity that crossed my path this year and surprised myself in ways I had never imagined. I ended up creating drawings, not even for art class, that simply blew people away. I never realized before how much of an impact I could have on people. I sit in class and draw...silently observing other students staring in awe at what I am doing. I fully recognized My "talent", if you could call it, that and I don't plan to waste it. Going into my book project this year I knew what it would entail. I had a clear vision of what I wanted it to look like instead of just winging it. I feel like for the most part my visions were brought to life. I wanted to create something with a message. I didn't want to have to explain it to people,it needed to have a strong statement and I think I achieved that. I am completely satisfied by the work that I have done this year and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.