Tuesday, November 6, 2012

These are my reflections

 I'm really happy with all of the work that I have produced this marking period. Being around art really does make everything better. I took the shoe drawing and collage as challenges to improve my skills and I love the way they turned out. It is also important to be creative just for fun. I love doing the middle school projects because it gets me to think outside of "project" criteria. I can take their projects and make them my own. My factory piece has turned out to be one of my favorites, it is so different and it will look awesome as a book page. I also really enjoyed the blossom tree because I didn't completely know what I was doing. I just started coloring and hoped it worked...which it usually does and in the end it was really cool.
          Looking ahead, I think the next marking period will be really interesting. I have taken art for 3 years but have yet to make a lantern. It might be a challenge but the reward will be very exciting!

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