Monday, April 8, 2013

A picture's worth a thousand words

       The bright lights shone in the night and they could feel the energy in their bones as the two high school seniors waltzed into Tomorrowland. Through the voices of a thousand people Nikki and Chrissy recognized a familiar tune.
"Where is that music coming from?," Chrissy shouted. The girls turned around to see a large crowd gathered by a stage and large screens reading "Club 626". With a sudden burst of energy, they ran towards the crowd. Dance. No matter where on the planet these people were from, they could ALL understand dance.
      Little did the guests of Club 626 know but, they were being watched by Goofy's space mission committee. The two best dancers of the night would be chosen to go on a special trip for Goofy and his team. Goofy decided that he needed to judge the candidates for himself. He threw on his sparkly space suit and moon walked his way to the middle of the floor, ending up right next to Nikki and Chrissy. As "beauty and a beat" pulsed through the club, Goofy stopped to watch the two girls, he looked them up and down to assess their talent. He then held up his hand, the girls were confused and stopped dancing. Goofy wanted to dance battle. The girls caught on quickly and were excited to have this experience. Goofy was impressed...he wanted them for the space mission but he knew they would have to be back by midnight. Quickly he congratulated them and pulled them aside to explain the mission. Nikki and Chrissy were ecstatic as Goofy introduced them to his team but... they thought they had been chosen to go on a special ride. A mission to a foreign planet to dance for the inhabitants and offer them a peace treaty from earth...this was clearly just another Disney show that they would sit through and get their picture taken...right?
   The two girls were buckled into the space shuttle. Seat belt check. System check. Preparing for take off. Ready, 1, 2, 3...BLAST OFF! Nikki looked out her window to see she was soaring away from the Magic Kingdom. Chrissy looked out her window and saw Hollywood studios, then epcot, then the Allstar Resort. Could they really be going on a space mission? Time passed and finally they heard the captains voice, "Brace for landing girls."
   Exiting the space shuttle, they noticed that they were not the only ones from earth. There was a average height man with long curly hair, with him there was a group of what looked like aliens.
   "Wait," Nikki said, "I recognize this from somewhere".
Then it came to her, Nikki and Chrissy were in the middle of a real life Captain EO. She knew what would happen next. The group was captured and sent to the supreme leader. They were sentenced to death for invading the planet but Captain EO saved the day. He explained to the supreme leader why they were there and the group broke out into an enormous dance number straight out of a broadway musical. If anything could heal a wounded relationship it would be a broadway dance number. The girls were in shock,  they could not believe this was actually happening to them. The two planets eventually came to a peace agreement...mission accomplished. Nikki and Chrissy boarded the space shuttle back to earth. No one was going to believe them when they got back. Would the teachers send them home if they said they had left the park? They decided to keep their space mission a secret. The space shuttle soared back into the atmosphere and with just minutes to spare Goofy returned the girls to their hotel. 11:59, they ran to their designated rooms. 12:00. Room Check. Lights out. Nikki picked up the phone, #74142. Chrissy answered in the next room over, "Hey, I guess Disney really is the most magical place on earth, huh?"
"Night space ranger!".


  1. This is very creative and very well written! Pictures go PERFECTLY.

  2. i wanna be back in disney, its not even fair having to be in school everyday after that, it was so much fun and now we are back in this glorified prison called a highschool, i quit im going back to disney.

  3. First off i was in it!!!! :) Yay! And second this was really well written and i was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen to us! Haha. Kinda wished that this did really happen, it would be a wicked story to tell....aww it made me miss Disney and Club 626! :(

  4. Great story I wish that i was in disney.

  5. i miss disney.... but i love the story and the pictures are great