Thursday, August 1, 2013


I know I have primarily used this blog to showcase my art work but I realized that a lot of people were viewing this so i decided to ask for YOUR HELP! My friend Nikki Kelly, is competing in the Miss America Pageant this year! Her platform is overcoming disabilities but she is also encouraging any one who has ever felt different or has been treated differently to share their story. So many artist are misunderstood and I could only imagine artist like Keith Haring or Vincent Van Gogh making Power of One awesome would that be! Anyway...Please help Nikki further her platform. She is an amazing person and I love her to death, I cannot wait to go to Miss America in September and watch her take home that crown! I will be making my video some time this week..when I take a break from bugging other people about it, in walmart and at the bank and at cvs and walking down the street and at the mall and pretty much anywhere you can think of! Watch her video, share your story and help others! There is power in ONE!

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